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1. Eagerly desirous of achieving or obtaining success, power, wealth, a specific goal

Ambitious [am-bish-uh s]: 

You're different. Living an average life has never appealed to you. You want to be where the action is, and are ready to learn how to get there.

Other people hope for the best, #AmbitiousGrads prepare to be the best.


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~ Bill Gates

“Never before in history has innovation offered promise of so much to so many in so short a time

You can spend years trying to earn a comfortable living in other industries...

...or you can have a career in tech and finance where median salaries are 35% higher than the national average.

About the Author

S.L. Taylor currently resides to San Francisco, CA, and works in the tech industry after a more than 5-year "tour of duty" in the investment banking industry. Taylor is a general business athlete who understands the language of both programmers and Wall Street bankers.

Taylor decided to offer this training guide as a solution for serious students and graduates who want the "bottom line" when it comes to getting and keeping a job in two of the most lucrative global industries.

What career choice is right for me?

It's that simple.

Life follows a straight forward equation:

What companies might be right for me?

This guide is for #ambitiousgrads who are excited about a promising future in tech or finance.

Prepare to be the best

What skills do I need?

Ambition + Preparation = Achievement

I'm still in college and want to pursue an exhilarating career in tech or finance when I graduate.

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Recent College Grads

Current Undergrads

Tech and finance are where all the action is! How can I get in and be a part of it?

I just graduated and want to have a the skills I need to make me an attractive hire.

I want to make a career change!

~ Lloyd Blankfein

“Ambition is your inner voice that tells you, you can, and should, strive to go beyond your circumstances or situation in life"

You can spend countless hours and hundreds of dollars on tutorials trying to learn all you need to know about tech and finance, from a zillion different sources.

Your ambition should be rewarded with everything you need to know in one comprehensive, affordable guide.

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What's inside

Training guide and step-by-step tutorials, all in one place.


Ebook + Project Files

Resumes & Cover Letters.

Financial Modeling Training.

Introduction & overview of each industry.

MySQL Training.

Interview Prep

Career Options.

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